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Ceramic Photo Plaque


A way of personalising your pet's ashes container is to have a photo plaque created. I thought of the porcelain photo plaques that are now used widely on grave stones, especially in the States, and wondered what was available at a reasonable cost
in the UK.

I found Photo Genius online. They are able to create this very personal and individual plaque for you at around £15.00, just upload a photo of your pet and they will do the rest.

Ensure your photo is oriented either as 'Portrait' or 'Landscape', and the smaller sized one is best for medium and large caskets.
These are not bespoke artists or crafts persons pieces, but certainly worth including here.

These plaques are available in 4" or 5".
The company now make a heart shaped plaque too. It is 5" wide so not suitable for all caskets, but a great plaque for mounting on a wooden grave marker possibly.


Ceramic Plaque