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Our Glass of Cockington


One of my lovely pet owners told me about Our Glass as they had made a very special bespoke piece for him, more of that later. . .

Our Glass of Cockington are a twenty years established glass studio in Torquay making all kinds of beautiful things including the Cremation Ashes Memorial Paperweights.
Read all about them on their website, link below.

They are as lovely as I have seen and, I think, well priced. I will have a display piece in my office soon for you to see.
The best thing is they come well recommended, more of that bespoke item. . .

My pet owner had a very special Great Dane who had extensive surgery performed by Noel Fitzpatrick. The work was ground breaking. After the very sad loss of his dog and subsequent cremation, not only did he have Memorial Paperweights made but Our Glass created a glass dome in which to encase and display the surgical metalwork that had given his beautiful dog life. It meant a great deal to him. It would mean a great deal to me too.
Something very special indeed, do take a look at the additional images

So, anything is possible!


Our Glass