Caskets & Urns

Keepsake Heart (3.5 Heart Urn)


This beautiful little heart is the perfect compliment to the Scatter Tube.

It is slightly larger than the one we previously stocked but comes in three designs..
Silver with two paw prints
Dark pewter plain
Silver plain

A token amount of ashes of your pet may be kept and treasured forever and the rest placed in a Scatter Tube for you to scatter or bury in a favourite place.
Ashes can also be shared between multiple keepsakes, one for each of the family.
This Heart can contain the whole ashes of any smaller pet up to the size of an average cat.
It has a secure screw fitting opening underneath and comes in a velvet drawstring pouch..
This keepsake is 8cm across, about the size of a paperweight.
There is not a stand for this particular heart.