Testimonials & In Memory

Pet owners that have used the crematorium kindly send me cards and, wonderfully, photos of their sadly missed pet. These are displayed on the photo board in the reception office and people love to see them. I thought how nice it would be if we could share the memories of passed pets on a page on the website.

If you would like to send in a testimonial and a photo of your pet by email, I would love to receive it and will upload it to the site.
Please send it to memorialwoodpetcrematorium@hotmail.co.uk

Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen, unheard but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear



A very much loved companion who sadly passed away in February 2020.

Forever missed x x



Chamello (aka Shmoo) came into my life unexpectedly, I saw a local education centre were giving away bunnies and I just had to have one. I didn't have even a hutch or rabbit food but without hesitation I got my dad to drive me up the road to get a bunny. I carried him back in my arms (should have taken a carrier I know) and bought him home.
He certainly came into my life for a reason; about 6 months into having him I went through a really difficult time. Shmoo was there for me (on many occasions) in more ways than any human could be; he seemed to really listen when I spoke to him and was always there for a snuggle!
Unfortunately, he started to suffer with bouts of stasis. After quite a scary episode in summer 2018, they became more frequent but we managed to get it under control thanks to the vets and medications.
Sadly in the summer of 2019, my beautiful best friend passed away. I had spoken to the out of hours vet who assured me that they'd be giving him the same medicines and care that I was giving him and that they'd see him tomorrow if he didn't improve. He deteriorated quickly; he couldn't even lift his head to enjoy his pineapple juice - which I realised after was because he had stopped being able to move properly. He tried to step forward and fell over, I scooped him up immediately and in the same way I bought him home in my arms, he left the world.
I was so heartbroken, arranging his cremation was the last thing on my mind, but of course these things have to be done. After speaking to a few pet crematoriums I rang Memorial Wood and upon speaking to Rowan I felt relieved and reassured that there was somewhere suitable. She was so personable, speaking to me as an individual as opposed to another potential appointment and best of all is that she could cremate my bunny with his favourite red blanket (which the other places wouldn't do). On the day, Rowan took the time to talk us through the options including a variety of beautifully crafted boxes to keep ashes (and when I couldn't decide, allowed me time to think it over til I went back!). We had plenty of time to say goodbye to our best friend and never felt rushed. We were able to pick Shmoo up the next day and bring him home. Thankyou Rowan for making a very daunting and heartbreaking situation, slightly easier to get through.

Rest in Perfect Bunny Paradise Chamello (Shmoo), I love you forever x



Hi my name is Alan and this is Browns my much loved staffy who sadly passed away on the 19th September 2016 aged 16.
I had Browns from 8 weeks old,
He was always such a happy and very funny dog.
One incident that brings back the fond memories I have of Browns is when he managed to get his head stuck in a crisp packet that I accidentally dropped at the side of my chair. He ran around the living room trying to get it off his little head as I gave chase to catch him to remove it.
As he grew up Browns was so full of life. He grew up with my parents dogs and they all got on so well together and enjoyed many long walks over the fields were we live.
He was spoilt rotten and always enjoyed doggy treats as well as Sunday roast and Christmas dinners.
He was always so adorable when asleep as he would sleep with his tongue out, it was so funny.
He was such a wonderful dog loyal, faithful and my best friend and companion.
When the sad day came I wanted Browns to be treated with the respect and dignity that he deserved.
After reading the testimonials that other people had wrote about their much loved pets and the caring and respectful way that Rowan helped them I decided that memorial wood was the right place for Browns.

Rowan is a lovely person. She let me have as much time as I needed to say goodbye to Browns. She listened to our stories about Browns and the life he had. It was a lovely and caring environment.
I certainly made the correct choice in choosing memorial wood.
I know that even though Browns is no longer with me in body he will always be there in spirit.
Rest in peace my baby boy.



This is Tia our beautiful princess who sadly passed away on the 29th December 2019 aged 12
We had Tia from 8 week old and had 12 amazing and wonderful years with her.
She adored our other Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Brown's and as a puppy often played with him nipping his ears and tail until he would chase her around the house and garden.
Her favourite thing would be to run up to him bite him playfully then run into the hedges were she knew Brown's could not get her.
When we filled the pool up in summer for the grandchildren Tia would love nothing more than chasing the water from the hose pipe around the garden biting at it.
She would also love nothing more than rolling around on her back on the grass in our garden with all her legs in the air and a big grin on her face, we used to call her our little white piggy.
She loved her long walks over the fields near were we live and then curling up on sofa with us and going to sleep.
Sadly we lost Brown's in 2017 and a few months later we got another Staffy called Zak, Tia took to him straight away and acted almost like a mother to him.
They loved curling up together on their doggy bed next to the fire.
She loved her food and thought nothing about wanting everybody else's to, we would often find her with her nose in Zak's dish finishing off what he didn't eat.

When the sad day arrived and we had to say goodbye to Tia Rowan was wonderful letting us have as much time as we needed. She is the most wonderful and caring person and we know that she would take care of our special little princess.
Rowan really does care about animals and giving them the fitting funeral service that they deserve.
We know Tia was treated with the respect and dignity she deserved.
The wonderful memories that we have of Tia will last for the rest of our lives and now she is reunited with her best friend Browns

Goodbye our little white princess.



I can't let the last day of 2019 go without sending another thank you to Rowan at Memorial Wood. It has taken a while to write this, to accept that we have lost a second cat within 4 months. Merlin, our handsome sealpoint siamese left us on 8.5.2019. He was 15 1/2 years old. We were heartbroken when we lost his brother(from another mother) and believe Merlin died of a broken heart four months later. Merlin, aka Tintally Abracadabra . 4.3.2004-17-9-2019. Thank you for giving us so much happiness, we miss you so much. Sleep tight baby now at rainbow bridge with Apollo.
Thank you Rowan for your compassion you lovely lady x



Jessi our lovely sweet girl, was kittkat's sister had them both as Tiny kittens when my boys were in nursery. Jessi was 14 when she left us, she loved everyone and everything, never once had a growl or a hiss, when we had a new kitten after kittkat crossed the bridge she was so protective and looked after her, in 2015 jessi got a huge bloated abdomen, being indoor cats I didn't spay and at that point was ignorant to what could happen, turned out she had a uterine tumour, how could this happen again, I was so thankful that an operation to remove the tumour and spay at the same time was a success, our little old lady was a fighter and made a great recovery, life returned to normal, until she started getting a lot of urine infections in summer of 2018 that nothing would clear up, tests showed nothing untoward and we carried on for weeks when sadly she started laying in the litter tray, her eyes looked so sad, again vet just told me she was constipated, so got a second opinion to be told there was a mass on her bladder that had grew into her bowel hence why she couldn't poop, I was mortified,after being told she was gone, how could by poor girl have suffered, I sat with her and stroked her head and spoke to her that she could go to kittkat and be free from pain and then she was gone over the bridge.
I'd already lost my 13 Yr old bearded dragon spyro in February, and now here we were again.
Yet again I called rowan, who as always was a bright ray of light on the darkest days, she gives you as long as you need to speak about your pet and just being able to say your goodbyes in a peaceful place is such a help.
Thank you for everything you have done for all my pets, furry scaley and spikey it means so much

Suzanne x

Pokey McPooboots


I just wanted to thank Rowan once again for looking after yet another of my beloved animals. I first found Rowan and memorial wood back in 2014 when I lost my beloved kittkat, she was such a help and support in my grief that when I lost one of my bearded dragons zilla a couple of years later I knew who I wanted to take care of another of my animals, sadly in February 2018 I lost my last bearded dragon Spyro, who was 13 yrs old and yet again called upon Rowan, nothing is ever too much trouble. Then again in September last year kittkats sister jessi who was 14 had to go over the bridge, I was again mortified but as always Rowan was there to listen and chat, last Monday 25th November 2019 I yet again had to call upon Rowan, as my little lap cactus Pokey McPooboots had been acting out of character, upon a visit to the vets they diagnosed her with a huge abdominal mass and the kindest thing would be to let her go, I was at work and hated not being able to be with her, she was just coming up to 5 and I guess she had a good life as many get tumours a lot earlier in life, I was always being pooped on and she would always have poopy feet from running on her wheel and pooping, and she was always headbutting everything out the way, hence the name Pokey McPooboots came around. Rowan arranged for me to take her the same night, stood there with her little body laid in front of me brought it home that I'd no longer hear her smashing and banging around every night, and I actually miss having her sitting and pooping on me.
But as always Rowan goes above and beyond to help and just be there to listen and chat, losing a beloved member of your family is never easy, thankfully I was lucky enough 5 years ago to find such a special lady.
Thank you for the compassion you have shown to me and to my pets



We lost our beloved Westie, Flossy in November 2019. She was a fun, affectionate, loving dog and we miss her terribly. Rowan was so kind during this terrible time, we can't thank her enough.

Millie Moo


My beautiful pappy bear came to me when she was 7 years old. She belonged to a friend/neighbour who lived in my street. She was an old lady who had Millie from a pup and would walk her daily past my house and myself and the children would go out for a chat and a fuss and a belly rub being held like a baby (to which she would fall asleep and start snoring). Millie loved the kids. My friend/neighbour had a nasty fall at home breaking her hip and I took Millie to care and look after whilst she was in hospital. Sadly she passed away and I begged her son to let me keep Millie. She had settled in like she had always been with us and she was my shadow. Millie's happy place was our touring caravan and came everywhere with us and would plonk herself in the window of the caravan the minute the door was opened.
She started getting the signs of old age (loosing her teeth,eye sight,hearing) but that didn't stop her knowing when we were going away in the caravan. She hit her 12th birthday in May this year and I felt truly blessed that my Millie Moo was still with us although was starting to get stressed out on car journeys to the point it made her ill. At the beginning of this year We decided it was best that he caravan holidays stopped although she would have caravan weekends on the driveway which she still loved. Everything was fine until she became ill and was diagnosed with a prolapsed womb last Friday (18th October). My world came crashing down as I thought I was going to lose her there and then but the vet gave her antibiotics and pain meds and she was to go back on the Monday (21st October) for a small procedure to rectify the prolapse. We had a fantastic weekend with Millie, one we will always treasure. She trotted back to the vets on Monday for what I thought was going to be her procedure to be told that she actually had cancer everywhere which was that aggressive she would be lucky to last 5 days. My entire world collapsed as she didn't look or act like she was in any pain. They told me I could take her home with high pain medication but it would progress so rapid that it wouldn't be nice at all to witness so through sobs and tears and pure heartache I did what was best not only for her but for me and my children. Millie passed away peacefully in my arms like a baby with me rubbing her tummy like I always did and how she always loved.
There was doubt what so ever that the only place I would take her is to Rowan and after not speaking to her for 2 years (when my cat Cooking Fat aka Cookie died) she remembered me and Cookie and told me to bring Millie straight away as she could hear how distressed and heart broken I was. Yet again she went above and beyond not only with Millie but with me and 24 hours later my Pappy bear Millie Moo is home where she belongs. She will now take pride of place in our caravan window whenever we are away or have a sleepover on the driveway.



Cookie aka Cooking Fat!
When cookies mum Annie gave birth it was a total shock as we had been told she was spayed. Two days into cookies life Annie sadly rejected him because she couldn't cope and he was the runt if the litter so I became his mum and hand reared him whilst he settled and slept inside my sports bra on my chest. Little did I know that by the time he was fending for himself and I tried to get him to sleep away from me he had other ideas and would climb up my legs and body and try and bury himself back into my chest (whether I had clothing on or not #scratchedup. That is when I decided to name him cooking fat and when he would hurt trying to do this you can guess what I used to say.
Just before he turned 1years old he was hit badly by a joyrider and I thought his time was up because the impact shattered his pelvis and hips but the vets battled and he was a fighter and after intense surgery and rehab and most of all love he was back to his old self (and still trying to climb into my tops etc). He was such a big Tom cat but I adored him and to him I was his mummy.
Sadly just before his 3rd birthday he went missing (he never went far). For nearly 2 days we searched for him until my neighbour returned from there holiday and sadly informed me that cookie had passed away in there back garden underneath there plants which was against our fence. It looked like he's tried to come home but couldn't get over the fence (he had been attacked). My world came crashing down as he looked abandoned and was wet through from rain and not the fluffy soft kitty I adored. I didn't wanna let him go and felt so guilty I was not there for him. I found Memorial wood and sobbed my heart out to Rowan who made me feel like I was pouring my heart out to a friend. I wanted my cooking fat looked after in death like I looked after him in life and Rowan went above and beyond to do that. She dried him and made him look like he was sleeping peacefully and I knew then that she would look after him. She even trimmed some of his fur for me to keep. I collected him the following day and I could finally take him home. I will never forget what Rowan did for me in one of my lowest points in my life and I shall always be eternally grateful for he kindness and compassion.



I lost my beautiful girl Pippa in April and it still feels very unreal. It was such a shock that day to find out she had lung cancer & there was nothing they could do, I still can't get my head around it as she hadn't shown any signs of illness til that day. But that day she was clearly in pain & suffering. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Pippa was 14 years old, i had her from a kitten. She was a very weird, awkward cat! Go anywhere near her with a brush or comb & you'd know about it, which didn't help as she was long haired! Putting flea stuff on was also a challenge & took two of us & preparation. She allowed you to fuss her only on the head, but would sit happily on your knee for hours. Pippa was stunning to look at, so pretty. I really miss her quirky ways & how stroppy she was!

Thankyou to Rowan, always caring & always understanding. It's a comfort to know my Pippa was well looked after & had the send off she deserved. Also it helps that I could get her home so quickly where she belonged. Thankyou so much for taking such care.

Dawn xx



Devastated and heartbroken are not enough words to express the pain I feel after letting go of my beloved BLOSSOM three weeks ago today. She was 14 years and 5 months and was my everything, she still is.
She amazed us all, including the vets, how long she managed to stay with us with all her many health issues. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Blossom had been blind for over two years and also had diabetes, a heart murmur, bad teeth, arthritis and tumours, but we managed her quality of life with the help of the vets, painkillers and anti inflammatory tablets. I was waiting for her to tell me she had enough and three weeks ago today she woke me up barking which was something she has never done. I knew something wasn't right so I lifted her up and took her out the garden and whilst she was in my arms she had a very bad seizure, this she hadn't had for over a year, and it took such a lot longer time than the last one, she was trying to communicate with me and I shouted my partner. We comforted her but I knew then I could not see her struggle any more and that this was the day we would say goodbye.
It was very difficult but I had to think what was best for her. She had started to circle in the last few months and the vets said that this was dementia and the diabetes. It wasn't good to watch her like that but her tail would always wag, although on this morning her tail would not wag and she would not drink from her bowl as she usually would. We rushed to the vets where they advised we needed to be thinking of Blossom, they said today was the right day for her. Myself, my partner and one of my daughters were with her while she was sedated to make her more calm and we said our goodbyes. It was very peaceful and yet extremely emotional and something I will never forget.
BLOSSOM is now back home after been cremated at the vets and her ashes have been very kindly placed in the beautiful urns I choose from Rowan at Memorial Wood. Her help, guidance and kindness has been outstanding, it has helped me immensely and I cannot recommend her services enough.
BLOSSOM has been looked after so well throughout his process, she's now on the fireplace where she belongs and is forever in our hearts. My large urn is for the fireplace and the smaller one is going in my bedroom. She's no longer in the dark but playing and running free in the fields, no longer in pain, no longer having two injections everyday. Missing her is he worst pain I have ever felt. It is pure grief. I kiss her every day and talk to her picture which has her fur in. My sister had her paw print put on my charm last year and I wear it on my necklace so she's with me everywhere.
'Til we meet again Blossom. Forever in all our hearts, love mum and all the family xxxxxxxx



" He was such a character. And still is being, somewhere else. He was so human it would be a mistake not to call him a part of our family. In a lot of ways he's the main feature of our family, the glue that sticks us together, the talking point, the one thing we all cared about the most. He reflected a part of us all, and had so much personality of his own. Whether that be loving naps, constantly asking for fuss, being photogenic, being mischievous or doing whatever he wanted. He lived his life the way he wanted to. We got him from a rescue shelter, he had been through a few families before us but I think he found his best fit with us. We loved and love him still. We gave him everything he could have wanted and more, the poshest food and best toys. I know he loved us just as much as we loved him. He will always be our brave and clever boy, our best boy. Love, Shiree, Jamie, Mum, Rags, Dale, Gemma, Maddie, Marley and all others that had the chance to meet him x "



Twelve years ago, we first met,
A furry bundle of fun,
I didn't know then how much you'd mean
To me & to your mum,
But now you're gone, I can't express
The loss and pain we feel,
To know you'll never be with us,
Is so hard to conceal:
We see you in the garden,
We see you in the park,
We see you in the Kitchen,
We hear you in the dark,
Our best friend ever faithful,
Our best friend ever true,
You left this world too early,
And left us feeling blue,
We miss you more than word can say,
We miss your wags and bark,
We miss your smiles and cuddles,
And snoring in the dark,
We'll never forget our Frankie,
Best friend, brave and true,
A gentle soul so wonderful,
These words are just for you....

RIP Frankie 24-09-07 to 12-07-19

Thank you for the kindness and compassion you showed me and Frankie,
I can recommend you to anyone whose loved companion needs their final journey
Canine cancer is a vile disease, the speed in which it took Frankie was shocking,
now he's free of pain at last, 'til we meet again old friend...



Here is Barney doing what he loved the most (!), sadly taken from us on 15th July 2019. He was a real character and a softy! We will miss him so much.

Thanks to our lovely vets and Memorial Wood for treating him with such care and respect. We are very grateful.



Our beloved Blue passed away peacefully at home on 19th June 2019 she was only 11 years old and we feel that she was taken from us too soon.
We had 3 dogs at one time, one by one they passed away, 'Trudy' a spaniel, 'Lucky' a Weimaraner cross, and 'Bear' a bearded collie cross.
We were devastated when the last one 'Bear' passed as we felt she was such a special dog. (However, were not then prepared for 'Blue'!)
Some many years after Bear passed we met Blue whilst on holiday in mid Wales, driving around a reservoir we saw a sign (an upturned table) which was advertising Blue Merle puppies for sale. Only one dog was left and she was 12 weeks. She was running a bit wild on a smallholding farm. However, she appealed to us and we left a deposit and collected her in our camper van at the end of the weeks holiday. We rang a local vet to make book her had her injections & check up when we got home, we had to think of a name quickly, Hence Blue!
She has proved to be such a super dog, after initially not liking being on a lead, pulling a lot! She was very loved and seem to know all you told her, or asked her to do. She always destroyed any fluffy toys, but a real tennis ball, she loved and would always greet people at the door with this, and hope you would throw it, if you could persuade her to give it up!
Bye Blue, know that you will never be forgotten!
Rowan at Memorial Wood Pet Crematorium was most helpful and sympathetic, helping us through our grief. We highly recommend her and her company, a family concern. We felt Blue was looked after with care and consideration at all times.Thank you
Bill and Lesley



My beloved Colin passed away suddenly in March at the age of 15, just 2 days before the first anniversary of his (human) dad dying the previous year.
It was totally unexpected - he had his dinner, went to his bed and the next instant died. I was / am devastated.
It was my vet who told me about Memorial Wood and the service and kindness of Rowan could not have been better.
Rowan can chat about your pets death and what your options might be so naturally and with such ease.
She not only helped me deal with the practicalities but I came away with ideas for remembering Robert, Colins dad too.
This is never going to be a good time but Rowan really is brilliant and I am very grateful to her.
Colin is now scattered round his favourite cat mint plant (which is thriving!), and a small amount of his ashes are in a lovely keepsake which I keep in a memory box for both of my beautiful boys
Colin had a very good life and was a very happy cat. It was a privilege to know him, live with him and be his mum. And his dad felt the same about him too!
Thank you Colin.
Thank you Rowan.
Colins mum, Helen xx



Apollo was our very precious red point Siamese. We had the privilege of having him for nearly 13 years. He left us on 8/5/2019, he was 12 years and 10 months old.
Unfortunately he was diagnosed with kidney disease, with the help of anabolic steroids, medication and lots of love he lived for a a further 7 months after his diagnosis.
He left behind a heartbroken brother (from another mother) Merlin aged 15. Also his mum & dad Jackie & Kevin who miss him terribly, we miss his playing, his jumping up and being carried around on shoulders, his loving personality, his mischievous nature, his everything.
Our sincere thanks to Rowan who is the most compassionate person we have ever met, she helped us through a very difficult time. Rowan mentioned that Apollo reminded her of David Bowie, all legs with red hair, Ziggy Stardust. We have chosen a photo especially for Rowan, showcasing Apollo's long legs!
R.I.P Bethanjo Victorio. Aka Apollo. Aka Ziggy Stardust. Sleep tight our brave boy.



15th November 2011 - 13th May 2019

Our beautiful and much loved cairn terrier, Bobby, died suddenly and unexpectedly.
He was only seven and a half and had so much more life to live.
He was a small dog with a huge personality.
We are heartbroken and will always miss him.
Much loved, forever remembered,

Run free little Bob,

Gill & John xxx
Sincere thanks to Rowan for her kindness and sensitivity at this very dark time.



ZIGGY ( 15/07/2007-10/05/2019 )

Our lovely little Ziggy taken from us far too soon on the 10/05/2019, aged 11years 10 months.
The house feels so empty without you around and has left a big hole in our lives.
We did everything possible to get you well and bring you home, but it wasn't enough, you were too ill, we're so sorry.
Sleep tight little man, we miss you so much. xxxx

Thank you Memorial wood pet crematorium for taking care of Ziggy and preparing him for his final journey.

Nick & Sharon



We recently lost our boy Stripes at the age of 20 he was like our child. You treated him with the upmost respect and we are truly grateful for that it was lovely talking to you ,you put us at ease and the way you explained it all to my 4 year old grandson Isaac .
Thankyou for your care and support at such a sad time x



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the way you not only looked after our beautiful Max but the way you looked after me. As a mum and wife I was looking for the best way to help my family through losing our precious boy but whilst I was helping them you where helping me... the pain is still so very raw but I can't imagine how it would be if I hadn't found you...❀ the care and dignity shown to us is priceless and I will never forget your kindness...

Karen x



RIP My baby boy Lexx Wright. I miss you more than you will even know. I loved you as a child and never wanted this day (12th April 2019) to come, but I could not longer see you in pain, suffering and not eating. Please forgive me for what I had to do, for you to be free of everything and be able to sleep again.
I still remember the day I brought you home, you were all skin and bone because you were living on the streets. We went into the kitchen to make some food and I dropped a frozen spout, you found this most interesting and tried to eat it, I could not stop laughing. Later on that night you told me what you wanted to be called, by looking at me in a way no other cat has, while i was watching a TV program called Lexx, since that night Lexx became your name for life and you've been by my side every day since.
You loved my Clio the most and aways wanted to ride on the back parcel shelf of any car I had. You were always a helper cat when it came to painting too :)
Even though it drove me mad, I miss your calls and cries when you came in though the cat flap. The house is very quite now......
I will miss our sunny days in the garden, where we would both sunbath. I would have to remove you out of the sun because your were black but as quick as I moved you, you were back in it again, which always made me smile.
The biggest part I will miss of you, is our gaming time together on the computer where you would sit on my arm until it went dead, from this I was unable to game anymore, so we would move to the TV instead and cuddle up together with a blanket.
I wish we had more time together, but since that was not meant to be I will care for your ashes as I cared for you in life. I hope one day our souls will meet again.
You were my whole life and my everything.
Gizmo, Daddy and myself will miss your dearly and will never forget you.

Lexx Wright - Jan 2000 to April 2019 (19 years 4 months).

I would like to thank Rowan ever so much for looking after my boy and me on that dreadful day. Rowan made is easier for me to say goodbye and I know Lexx would not have wanted to be anywhere else.



After previously using two pet crematoriums (that I was unhappy with) I was lucky enough to find Rowan and memorial wood. I went to meet Rowan and discussed my wishes (over a cup of tea) for when the terrible day came that I lost my boy, Chewit. I knew when it happened I would be too upset and distraught to make arrangements. This was a few years ago now and while I was there I chose a casket and Rowan put it away for me. Well that dreaded day came 2 weeks ago. Rowan is understanding and caring, a lovely lady. My partners cats and friends dog were cremated at memorial wood. I am so glad Rowan was there to look after Chewit when he passed. I now have his ashes in the casket Rowan saved for me.



We met Sky and adopted her from the Retired Greyhound Trust in October 2009, or should I say she chose us! after an initial home check she came in to our home , i was so excited.
I had started a new life in Nottingham and she was starting her new life after winning her last race and retiring.
We loved her immediately, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful girl.
We loved to see her running on the country park in an ant-clockwise circle, as she ran past she would seem to be saying "catch me if you can".
We noticed at Christmas 2018, she seemed to be slowing down, we put that down to old age , she was almost thirteen.
Sky became very poorly , we took her to the vets twice, the second time we were told , to be prepared for the worse, the illness was so aggressive.
We had to have Sky put to sleep mid January, the vet came to the house and she went to sleep peacefully at home with me holding her. I have lost my four legged best friend.Everybody that knew Sky loved her (people that would admit to being scared of dogs or not dog lovers). We are hurting and we miss her so much but have lovely such memories.
Rowan has been wonderful, we can't thank her enough for understanding and caring and making sure everything went smoothly at this sad time.

Thank you Neena & Stuart



We lost Chopper at only 7 years old on 7th December 2018.
He was and still is so very missed and the house just isn't the same without him.
Chopper protected me and never left my side for 6 years, especially through a particularly rough pregnancy throughout 2018. He was diagnosed with cancer in September and fought like the trooper he was to meet our beautiful daughter Eliza in November....12 days later with his favourite vet in attendence he slipped away peacefully on the sofa with the fire crackling and his family surrounding him.
Chopper was a kind, beautiful, chaotic soul and I hope he lives on forever through us and we will make sure our daughter remembers him by the photos and stories we treasure.
Most of all Chopper was a proud dog and Rowan (recommended by our wonderful vet) maintained his dignity throughout. We cannot thank her enough for the kindness and tenderness she has shown to both us and our boy. Although his loss is suffocating she made those final goodbyes as gentle, respectful and as peaceful as they could possibly be.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Chopper would say thank you too for letting him keep his favourite toy and blanket!

Tyne, Josh and Eliza xxx

Chopperdog, our best boy: 29/10/2011 - 7/12/2018



Minty was my good boy and after making the heartbreaking decision was made to do the kindest thing, I didn't think about what would happen after.
Through my sobs I asked for individual cremation which wouldn't happen til the following week. It hadn't gone at all smoothly at the vets and at that moment he did not look like my Minty anymore.
It didn't feel right leaving him there but a couple of days later a friend recommended Memorial Wood and I'm so glad she did. I can't thank you enough for your help, guidance, support, empathy and much needed tea.
Once he was in your care I felt he was at peace, especially seeing him one last time, he looked like my perfect. snoozing little boy, all curled up in his bed and although I was an emotional wreck at the time I genuinely a weight had been lifted.
Thank you again

Clover and Becks


'My lovely fur babies Becks and Clover. Becks was my first house bun. He was such a nervous bun when I got him but he, with time, grew to love the fuss and attention. He would come to the side of the bed in the morning and pull at the carpet to get my attention until I fussed him and would come to me when I called his name. He lived a happy life until the grand old age of 11.
Clover was his buddy for many years, she was a sweetie. We also called her Princess as she had a regal purple cushion that she liked to lay on for a snooze! She also had a liking for Oreo cookies. She was a grand old lady, reaching the age of 10.
Miss them both.
Thank you Rowan for looking after them both.



'My little bun Willow was such a sweet girl, she made me smile everyday, but don't let that angelic face fool you she was always getting into mischief with her brother Casper.
She knew when it was food time and would be sat waiting for me, that's what she's doing in the photo staring at me till I fed her. She was taken from me suddenly and unexpectedly.
Thank you Rowan for looking after her and making the process easier.'



Our handsome BillyBob, passed away on October 27th 2017 after a short illness. Still can't take it in that he's no longer with us. Billy was such a laid back boy, only ever barked at a horse or the lady who lived across the road, think it was her voice! He would love to snuggle up to you, he put his leg over you like he was protecting you. He always knew if you felt a bit down & just came & put his head on your lap & looked at you with those adorable eyes, instantly made you feel better.
We rescued Billy when he was 7 years old from dogs trust, they didn't know much about his history as they got him from the pound after he was picked up as a stray. We hope that the 5 years we had with him were happy ones for him, they certainly were for us.
We love and miss you so much BillyBob, you truly are so special.

Thankyou Rowan for looking after our boy, always caring & considerate, nothing too much trouble, you gave us some comfort at such a difficult time.
Dawn & Adam



Echo the bunny-kitty fell to sleep on the 16th September 2018.

He was a much loved member of our family filling our lives with endless laughter and snuggles galore.
Yes he had identity issues & yes he thought he was one of the cats (awkward!) but thats ok because we live in a time where we can be what we want to be right? we all loved him for the crazy bunny-buns he was and miss him every day!
Thanks so much Rowan for giving him such a beautiful send off.



This is Max taken from us all too soon on 14.09.18. Very much loved and missed.

We are very grateful to have spent 9 wonderful years with you. You may have gone but will always be in our hearts.

No more pain and suffering Maxy Dog. Rest in peace dear friend.

Thank you so much for all your kind words Rowan they really meant a lot. We are grateful for the care and respect you showed us and Max at such a sad time.

Richard, Jenny, Matt, Tom and family



Dearest Mac, lost to us August 2018.

Wonderful, happy memories of a much loved boy.



Meg, our beautiful matriarch of dogs both past and present and the last of our staffies (end of an era) left us 31st August 2018 for rainbow bridge πŸΎπŸ’”πŸΎ you brought us so much joy, you took all the little ones under your wing and nurtured them as they grew. You truly were a magnificent leader. Thank you for giving us your unconditional love over almost 13years. In our hearts you will be forever ❀️❀️ Now reunited with your pals Jasper and Dollie. πŸ™ We'll all meet again someday and until that time should come... just know you were loved!!

Rowan heartfelt thanks once again "for the 3rd time" you eased us through another heartbreaking goodbye, always giving our poochies a farewell with the dignity and respect they so deserve! We will always be grateful for your compassion and laughter through tears. You are amazing!!

Rachel, Craig and family x



Bingo was our special girl abandoned in Calasparra, Murcia, Spain at 10 months old. We bathed her and took her to the local vet who advised us to kindly put her to sleep as she was very neglected and poorly. However, we promised Bingo whatever it took that Jim and I would love her and take care of her.

Bingo, you made everybody smile. Such a show girl, so loving, intelligent, and gentle. You were quick to learn and gave us twelve and a half years of pure joy, never faltering in your loyalty. You will always live on in our hearts and we talk about you every day, missing you so very much. We were so lucky to have found you and there can never be another you.

Thankyou Bingo for all the love you showed to us and everyone you met, and especially for loving Pacha, whom we also found abandoned in Spain, you in 2005 and Pacha in 2009. Pacha and yourself were soul mates and I know how much she misses you. You were such a foodie and your favourite place was laying by the kitchen door looking in at me while l was preparing food. I still see you Bingo. You loved to look in the fridge with me, pushing your head through my arm to see what we were eating at lunch times. You loved garlicky food and Spanish dishes. We shared so many different foods together. You even tried to speak making funny noises that made us laugh so much. You had so many doggie friends when we went walking. Everybody knew Bingo from Spain, and we were very privileged to have had so many wonderful years with you and we will love you forever.

Thank you Rowan and Steve. You gave Bingo's departure such dignity

Molly and Maisy


I would like to thank Rowan for her help and support when we lost our two westies.

Molly died last Oct and we had never had to do anything like this before. We knew Molly was going to pass away and so she was booked in, and respected and cared for.
Then, so unexpectedly, our Maisy passed away yesterday which was quicker than we thought.
Rowan was there to take her and looked after her until she was returned to us today.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support treated our girls with the respect they deserved.



Our baby girl sadly passed 11.08.2018 at the young age of 8 years old and it came to a bit of a shock as she was taken so sudden.

Roxy was such an amazing addition to our family. We knew from when we first went to fetch her, the idle, little ball of fluff that she would fit in so well and she did!
Our daughter Codi was petrified of animals and within half an hour of us bringing her home she had a new best friend. Roxy was a long haired German Shepherd and it was a nightmare finding hair everywhere in which I am sure we will still be finding her hair for a while to come x she loved to play ball playing football with her brother Damian and rolling the ball down the ramp rather than giving it to us was her favorite game. She was always under our feet,following us all everywhere especially my husband. It feels so empty around it doesn't feel right, checking to see if she's outside before closing the door and looking behind us so we don't trip over her x She loved the attention she used to get when her sister Kaylee had visitors or friends and family came around she has touched the hearts of so many.
' Foxy Roxy 'we miss you so much and you were taken far too soon! we love you and want you to know you are always going to be with us in our hearts and I hope that you are at piece,loving your after life xxxxxx



Woodywoods my soul mate liver Flatcoated Retriever was taken from me very suddenly September 2017 with a very aggressive cancer the hardest thing I've ever had to do was to walk a dog into a vet to pts it destroyed me
he was so young and stood by me when I was ill he told me I was ill I will always remember that .
Devastated 😒🐾
Rowan was very caring and supportive
through the whole process
Thank you Rowan
I will see Woody again one day at Rainbow 🌈 Bridge
Love Sandra & family x



True Gentleman of Flatcoats
Such a sweet boy fell asleep at home
Emmies playmate from birth he was loved by everyone he met
Sleep tight Bez see you again one day at Rainbow Bridge 🐾🐾❀️

Lady Daisy


This is my beautiful Princess Daisy, Lady Daisy or Daisy Doodles. We all had our own little names for her. We sadly lost her on the 8th May 2018, aged only 8. Taken very suddenly from us.
We gave her to my Daughter on her 18th as a 12 week old puppy. From that day she ruled the roost. Showing my 2 ginger Tom's who's boss! We all completely fell in love with her.
I miss her dreadfully. I'm not able to remove her bed and toys from the spot in the kitchen where she slept, snoring, at night. It's just too painful still.
I've gone through all the 'what if I'd done this' or 'what if I hadn't done that'. If I'd known that day that I was going to lose her, I would've held her so tight and never let her go.
She brought so much happiness and joy into our lives for the very short time she spent with us. I wish it could've been longer. She loved us just as much as we loved her.
We now have her sat on the window, on the stairs, where she would sit and wait for us to get home.

Thank you to Rowan and all at Memorial Wood



We will always remain to be our very special girl, many say it but she was literally the best dog we could ever wish for, our nanny dog!

We was so fortunate to share 10 of her 12 years with her she was truly a privilege and a pleasure.

There is a space in our hearts never to be filled now you can run free again our beautiful girl.

I cannot stress enough how amazing Rowan has been and helped us in this difficult time, her nature, kindness is more than words can express

I urge any pet owners to Always go to Rowan I feel truly grateful to have found her and to know she spent the last minutes with our beloved Wiley means so very much

Natasha Toomey



I can't thank Rowan enough for the care and attention she showed to our little girl Charlie in the next chapter of her life.

After 15 years the passing of a beloved pet is heart wrenching but knowing that Rowan treated her with the love, care and dignity she deserved we could ask no more.

The attention to detail and the personal touches are second to none and we are so glad Memorial Woods were there for us.

Run free Charlie girl love you always.

Thank you Rowan and Memorial Wood.

Lisa, Chris and Gracie xx



Our beautiful Kittkat.

Sadly lost to us in 2014.

Much missed and never forgotten x x

Zilla and Spyro


Sadly, I had to use the services of Rowan again recently. As always she made the whole process of losing another pet much more bearable because I know that all my pets are treated with dignity and respect by another animal lover.
The whole process helps you as a pet owner say goodbye to your babies in a beautiful setting that is calm and peaceful, and Rowan is willing to give as much time as you need.
My first experience was back in 2014 when I had to say goodbye to my beloved Kittkat.
Then last July I found one of my old bearded dragons, Zilla, had crossed the bridge, so didn't hesitate to call Rowan .
Then on the 1st February I sadly had to help Zilla's sister Spyro cross the bridge and after having these scaly girls for 12 years I felt my heart had been ripped apart yet again, but as always Rowan knows what to say to make that heartache a little easier.
I can also highly recommend some of the artists that she suggests. I had Kittkat's ashes made into a glass heart charm for my bracelet ,which was beautiful .
Lately, I used the lady who makes the glass rainbow and had Zilla and Spyro,s ashes put into that.
Both craftspeople were amazing and I'm very happy with the outcome. The charm did take a little while to come, around 8 to 10 weeks, but the rainbow arrived within a week of me sending the ashes.
If having this kind of memori al for your pet is something you are interested in, I highly recommend.
Many thanks again Rowan

Lilly & Zippy


Making a decision to put your beloved pets to sleep is never easy. We've had to make that heartbreaking decision twice in less than 4 months. From the initial conversations with Rowan, we knew that we had made the right decision for Memorial Wood to look after Lily and Zippy on their last journey. Both were rescue dogs and had fantastic active and fulfilling Agility lives with us, living to 15.3 and 14.6 years of age respectively, though sadly in the end both succumbing to the dreaded cancer.

Rowan is a wonderful lady, extremely caring and kind and clearly loves animals. She completely understood the pain we were going through but made our experiences there as comfortable and perfect as it could be, from explaining the process, allowing us as much time as we needed to say our last farewells, to choosing their boxes plus on the day after when collecting their ashes. Both were presented to us so beautifully wrapped, another example of the care and attention Rowan gives to customers.

We cannot thank, praise and recommend Rowan enough - she is one in a million!

Naomi and Grahame



This is wonderful little Jet, our beloved black cat who we sadly said goodbye to in December 2017

She reached the amazing age of 21 years 4 months, and in those final months liked nothing better than having lots of cuddles.
We miss her so much, and after 36 years of cat ownership the house seems very empty now.
Thank you Rowan for your kindness.
Jet's ashes are now buried alongside her brother Psycho, who we said goodbye to in January, and they are in our Pet Memorial area in our garden.

Geraldine and Paul Ellis



Rosie came from a local farm and had been orphaned at 4 weeks so we hand fed her from that point as the farmer didn't have time. She was raised in the Post Office and always sat outside the Post Office door first thing in the morning to make sure she came to work with us. When we moved, she enjoyed sneaky night time trips out into the garden - she had previously chosen to be an indoor cat. In the last year she enjoyed raising Theo, our Maine Coon kitten. She rediscovered her youth by playing with him and kept him in his place on a regular basis! Rosie loved cat nip and ham! She talked loudly and non-stop whenever we were nearby.
She never had a day of ill health in all her years and so we were devastated to find her dead within 10 minutes of playing with her in our garden aged 9 on the 23rd July 2014. Rosie is much missed by her mummy, daddy, nana and, of course, our baby Theo.
Rest in peace.



Gabriel was born with a defective kidney and had this removed at 7 weeks of age. He recovered swiftly and came to live with us at 14 weeks. He soon settled into our maine coon family. However, a year later a routine vaccination appointment found a large liver cyst which had to be swiftly removed. This took a couple of months to recover from fully but Gabriel was soon his usual self. He loved playing in tunnels, chasing his brothers, winding up his middle brother, eating ham and watching birds.
Sadly, in January aged 2 he fell suddenly ill with heart failure, which he couldn't fight and we helped him to pass away peacefully on 22nd January 2018 aged 2. Our precious and brave little man who was so loved and gave us such joy in those years.
Gone but never ever forgotten, our own angel gone to heaven.
Thank you, Rowan. Thank you for your care and support at this time.



Tilly, and her brother Seamus, came to us from the RSPCA in Radcliffe on Trent 12 years ago.
Seamus passed away on the 25th September 2017 and Tilly passed away on the 12th December 2017.
Our house is now an empty house without our beautiful fur family members to love each day.
They both were very individual characters. Seamus loved his food, particularly grilled sweetcorn on the cob and Teriyaki chicken. Tilly loved to watch you tube videos of squirrels, mice and birds, and chase her toys.
I hope they're now both reunited up there over the Rainbow Bridge and one day we'll all be reunited.
Gone but never ever forgotten.
Love always
Errol, Tina and Shaun xxxx

Rowan you are truly a kind, compassionate and caring lady. Thank you for all your help and support with Tilly. You've made an extremely painful day a bit easier to deal with.



Here is our gorgeous boy Milo, taken suddenly on Saturday 14th October at just four and a half years old.
He was such a character - well know in the local area and missed by us all, including his brother Mario and our dog Poppy.
Rest in Peace lovely man, we all miss you so much.
And many Many thanks to Rowan for her kindness and care.



This is Zephyr my handsome Abyssinian boy who passed away on 25th Oct 2017 aged 16 years and 3 days. Zeph had a huge personality and a voice to match. He loved to talk to everyone and the house feels so empty without him. He was my special boy and I know he loved me as much as I loved him. I will miss him peering into the fridge every time the door opened just in case there was something in there for him (which there usually was) and nothing will get me up in the morning as effectively as him sitting on my chest and purring at full volume in my ear, something he did every day for 16 years.
It was almost 2 years to the day that we lost his sister Foxy (30 Oct 2015) and I take comfort in knowing that they are reunited again.
Thank you so much Rowan for making such a difficult time a little more bearable. I knew my boy would be treated with care and compassion and for this I will be forever grateful.

RIP Zephyr, gone but never forgotten



Passed away Thursday 21st Sept aged 7 years. Taken very suddenly.
He was our baby my boo boo. He loved the cat, loved his holidays and loved the sunshine.
Memorial wood were so kind and so caring. The urn was lovely.
We can now take Max back to his favourite place at the beach, where, together with the grandchildren, we will scatter his ashes.
Fly free my baby xx



Dizzy - the best cat you could ever wish for.
After a shaky start to life, she chose us - and well and truly became the boss of our house. She'd still run around like a lunatic even in her old age, and she was at her happiest eating salt and vinegar crisps, trying to steal food off your plate, or curling up on you for a snooze.

There will never be another one like Diz.

Huge thank you to Rowan, who made such a horrible time a little bit easier, with her care and attention to detail.

Thank you x



This is how we want to remember Harry. A dear pal, loyal and full of fun.

Just wanted to thank you for making his passing bearable.
We will always remember your kindness and support during a difficult time.

Kind Regards
Annette and Brian



Grace was special in every way. She was a long haired German Shepherd, a breed I had not contemplated owning before, but as soon as we met, I knew she was for me. She was smart, kind and faithful. She loved to walk - over the ten years we were together we must have covered thousands of miles! She was a stray, very under weight and untrained when she came to live with us, but good food and training certainly paid off and she became a dog to be proud of.
She became a well travelled dog when we took her to Crete to live for three years. She enjoyed walks on beaches and through olive groves and rough tracks when it was not too hot.
This year she seemed to slow down, walks got shorter and finally she decided on her own terms it was time to go. We think she was possibly eleven or twelve years old. We miss her terribly, though we have the two other dogs, Cleo and Milo, to love.
I would recommend Memorial Wood to everyone, everything was spot on and made a dreadful occasion a little more bearable. Thank you again, Rowan.

Lynne Newstead



We lost our lovely Kaya to lymphoma within only 4 weeks of being diagnosed.
Here she is at the beach during her last 2 weeks. She had a fantastic day!! Happy with a ball as usual.

We just wanted to thank you for making losing our beautiful girl Kaya bearable.
You are wonderful and thank you for being so supportive and caring during our grief.
Jade, Steph and Paul



We really wanted to thank you for making such a difficult moment for us so memorable, but for all the right reasons. Such a beautiful setting and you were so kind and considerate, that we only remember the good things about that day, for which we are genuinely grateful.
It has been so hard losing such a lovely cat so soon and in such circumstances, but at least now, we have him with us in peace forever, thanks to you.

Emma and Jamie



A huge thank you from all of us for the way you dealt with moss and us as a result of his passing. Moss was 15years young and was our life.
You made everything so easy and brought a smile to our faces. Your services are excellent and through this you've helped us through our loss.

Can't thank you enough

Claire and Paul x

Amigo and Alfred


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provided after the death of our much loved cat Amigo.
You were so kind and thoughtful at such a difficult time and made things so much easier for us. His casket is on the mantelpiece.
Joy and Dan.
Thank you once again for the magnificent service you provided for my dearly loved Alfred, Amigo's brother.
They spent 8 weeks apart after Amigo's passing and are now together on my mantelpiece.
Your kindness and professionalism has been outstanding and made this difficult time easier to bear.

Thank you once again.
Joy and Dan.



Missy was our very first cat. Our first baby. We are completely bereft by her loss, especially so soon after Harry. Missy was very much a lap cat and would always seek your affection, which we willingly gave! Missy, we will love you all our days.
Too soon we had to meet again. But when the time came we had no hesitation to contact Memorial Wood. Once again, your compassion was so gratefully received as we left our beautiful girl in your hands.
The Rowland Family



This is my beautiful Mimi, the sweetest cat I have ever met.
She departed on a cloudy day on 21 April 2017. She was my best friend and we spent 6 years and 7 months together. She had to go way too soon. She was a gift for my 25th birthday and I had her ever since she was 3 months old. A very shy and private kitty who only showed her brilliant personality to a few.
I miss her especially in the mornings when she used to jump on me when my alarm went off. She made sure I make it to work on time. And of course in the evenings, when she used to purr, which helped me to fall asleep. I loved her very much.
Thank you Rowan for being so lovely in such a difficult time and taking care of my little Mimi's last journey.



We would like to thank you for the kind and caring way you took care of our Ellie as you know we
only had Ellie for a short time. We got her from woodside rescue centre and we both fell in love with her, as did Ellie with us. Our only consolation was she had 18 months of holidays with long walks, love and care before cancer took her.
We would like to say how nice it is that you gave her the dignity of a individual cremation and Ellie is back home with us.
Thank you again
Melv and Jean.



This is our Tigga, our beautiful 'ginger beast'. We are still in shock over the sudden loss of Tigga, we thought we had years left, only aged 11, he should have had longer with us. We rescued Tigga when he was 4 years old, he had been abandoned by previous owners. He took a while to settle in, gain his trust in us, he hid all the time, but we were patient, we knew with love and patience we could win him round. Then one day he came out of hiding, relaxed. Ever since he showered us with affection, one of the most loving cats. He slept on my pillow at night, at the top of my head. He often sat right up on your chest, face to face wanting fuss, if you stopped fussing he gently put his paw on your face so you would carry on! We had 7 wonderful years with you Tigga, we wish we had more, there's not a day we don't miss you. Our lovely boy xx

We would like to thankyou for taking such care of him for us, it's a comfort knowing he was handled with such care.

Zellie and Lucee


Tragically we lost our Lucee just 7 weeks after her mum at the age of 14. It was totally unexpected as she was a heathy little thing.
Rowan's husband collected Lucee from the vet where she was put to sleep and we were all set to go ahead with the cremation. It then dawned on me that she was never separated from her friend 'giraffe'. I rang Rowan who understood completely and the next day my son & I took giraffe down to go with her. Lucee looked gorgeous and peaceful as we laid giraffe with her.
Rowan was so very helpful, kind and understanding. We now realise that our beautiful little girls had great lives and with Rowan's help and support their final hours on this earth we're also beautiful and comfortable. We really can't thank you enough Rowan and we hang on to those final memories which without you could have been so different.

Zellie and Lucee


Our two gorgeous little poodles were Zellie (the silver) and Lucee ( the charcoal).
Zellie was Lucee's mum and was nearly 18 when she left us. She lived with my Mum who at the age of 95 was devastated to lose her.
Rowan was amazing providing us with a very sensitive service enabling mum to have something to keep and talk to even after Zellie went.



My stunning fluffy baby girl had the loveliest personality, full of mischief & extremely sassy - totally ruled the roost from day one! But so adorably affectionate too. From her very first night with me as a tiny kitten, our bond was sealed. She'd chosen me to be her mummy and no one on earth could have resisted her beautiful approach.. she climbed up on my chest and nudged her little nose to mine, purring contentedly, continuing to plant her sweet little kisses all over my cheeks. This became her favourite place to rest most nights, either with me or another carefully chosen friend. She was a fantastic judge of character, reserving affection for only a select few!
She's been the most wonderful companion over our 16 years together. Capturing many hearts, truly touching to watch her bond with my husband and then our children. And eventually with grandparents dog. After he learned to behave, she relented and then he too enjoyed Lilly's kisses... occasionally, lol. Will never forget the mischievous little scamp stealing a string of spaghetti from a plate of leftovers, attempting to play with it and pull it along like a string of wool.. making everything in life a fantastically fun game..have so many lovely, funny memories.
Will never forget, and will forever treasure the wonderful 16 years I have been blessed to have shared with Lilly. Am left devastated to have lost my fluffy little angel. I miss her desperately but am truly thankful to have been put in touch with Rowan. Your lovely, patient approach and service from beginning to end made such a positive difference. Lilly's urn is beautiful. A perfect choice, thank you. And am so grateful to have been able to have her home so quickly.



On the 8th January 2012 we met G T (aka Ginger Tom) at Leicester Animal Aid, Huncote. We had gone to look for a kitten but this gorgeous boy melted our hearts and when we were told he'd been brought in on Christmas Eve, well, myself and my husband knew he had to come home with us and complete our family. They told us he may not eat and could shut down for a couple of days. Well, G T had other ideas and came straight into our home, ate biscuits from his new bowl and then proceeded to find use of the litter tray and go upstairs to lay on our bed! From that moment he knew where he belonged.
He hated being left at the cattery and cried for us when we left him. The cattery owner said he was just too noisy and so he wasn't able to stay again and he was given the red card! Not a problem, because we hated being away from him too. The only way to go on holiday was as a family, so we bought a touring caravan which G T took to better that we ever could hope. His favourite location was Moreton in Marsh where he spent hours watching the bunnies and birdies from the window or sleeping in his own cupboard (gaining him the name Cupboard Cat). People could hardly believe it when they walked by and saw him sunning himself in the awning or front window. So much so that he made it into the Caravan Club magazine!! Celeb status!
Sadly all this came to an end on the 15th March 2017 when G T, aged just 9 years, was tragically hit by a car less than a minute from our house. We were told promptly of the accident and were able to get to him in minutes.
He died in my arms, in his own home, loved by his mummy and daddy.
We have no idea how we are ever going to live without our beautiful boy, who gave us so much pleasure, comfort and love, let's not forget laughter too. We are both devastated but wish to thank Rowan at Memorial Wood. She was caring and compassionate right from the very first emotional phone call to the day we picked our boy up. She took great care of G T and even laid him with his favourite toy between his paws. As we left him we knew he would be looked after the same way we would.
Nothing is too much trouble and Rowan's attention to detail is very comforting at this very sad time. The service she offers meant we were able to have G T's ashes home within 24 hours and so we weren't away from him for long.
Thank you, Rowan, you are a very special lady
Josh and Claire Barnett

Dossbags & Kizzy


Dossbags and Kizzy were sisters, they had the same parents but were from different litters. Dossbags was born 15 years ago and given to us by a very close friend. I was immediately in love! We did everything together until her sister came to us a year later. This meant twice the joy and twice the mischief, but we loved it all the same. They were a welcome addition to our family of 3 cats and a minor bird.
Never could two dogs, sisters at that, be so different and yet so close. Both gentle and loving yet having personalities poles apart. Dossbags was a typical dizzy blonde (no offence!) and Kizzy was the calm obedient one, together they were a joy.
They were, and always will be, very important members of our family and with the help of Rowan at Memorial Wood they will be with us forever. We lost Dossbags in December 2016 and Kizzy followed in February 2017.
Sisters together in life and now reunited again in the long sleep.Until we meet again, run til your hearts content with the angels my girls,
Always and forever Mum x x
Ruth and Edward



My parents gave me Walter for Christmas. And he was so ugly he became cute. He was the family dog who had an amazing life. For the past year he got to live on a narrow boat travelling around, he was such a happy dog and so weird.
He thought he was better than sitting on the floor. He would stand and wait for his seat to open up on the sofa!
He was amazing and had such a strange personality.
My parents loved him like a son, he was taken far too early and all the family
miss him terribly. Thank you for taking care of him x



What to do when you lose from your life, this planet, the only living being who you were/are wholely/souly in sync with ? Is it to become in sync with the Universal energy from which all that is was and ever will be, manifested into physical? Perhaps that's why Stuff happens? Or equally of course, a person could finalise. It's all Free-will. Look, feel the empty space ahead?
But is One thing knowing something, and entirely different thing becoming it, right now I'm on the fence, but, leaning one way. Right now in this moment. But when you are Human and only of knowing something, moments have the tendency to change.
*You can only lose when not open to perceive that nothing goes away, He said. And with that his physical body died, with his eyes open, head turned toward the bookcase looking directly at the book 'Journey across the unknown' Edward White. Well but some of those facts you know i think were wrong, but ok yes it holds the right theme I said.
Much love with many thanks to you Rowan* for being so wholesome, kind and thoughtful. I couldn't have wished for anything more genuinely heartfelt for my absolute consistently special extraordinary soulful friend.



I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your kindness and compassion. I can honestly say, the calm dignity and respect shown has really helped to comfort our family at such a difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend Memorial Wood.

Harry came to us as a tiny kitten, from a rescue centre. His tragic and sudden passing, 8 years later, has left a huge void in our home. Harry, we truly love you and miss you.

The Rowland Family



This is Psycho, our much loved cat who reached the amazing age of 20 years and 5 months before tragically being hit by a car.

He was a wonderful pet and a very important member of our family.
His paw prints will for ever remain in our hearts.
We still have his sister Jet with us, who misses him very much.

Geraldine and Paul Ellis



A big thank you to Rowan from all of my family for looking after our family dog, Meg, last week. We unfortunately had to put Meg down due to cancer - whilst it was not entirely unexpected, it was still a great shock and loss to our family.
We adopted Meg at the age for 18 months whilst the children were 4 and 6, and she has been a huge part of our family ever since. Despite having a number of previous owners, Meg soon settled into family life and always had a great temperament and nature, especially around children. Her love for food soon got her into bother, whether that was pinching strangers Pringles on the beach or snaffling the boiler repairman's sandwiches when he wasn't looking (typical Lab!). Second only to food was her love for being fussed - she couldn't get enough rubs and attention from anyone who was nearby, and was well known for her demands for a belly rub and would purr when in ecstasy from fuss. I'm not sure she ever stopped feeling like a puppy as she always acted like one!
At the age of nearly 13, she sadly succumbed to cancer, despite a brave fight. Having had Meg in our lives for over 11 years, she will be sorely missed by all of us and leaves a huge hole in our hearts and lives.

RIP my little puppy dog - we'll love you always xxx. Mark, Clare, Matt and Ben.



We first met Squeak when he started coming into our garden and would run into our house to sneakerly get some of our cat Lucy's food. He'd run back out so you couldn't stop him even though we weren't bothered anyway realising he was probably hungry. After having had a tick and being covered in straw everyday we decided he wasn't being looked after by anyone and decided to adopt him in 2012 (we like to say he adopted us). He was such a beautiful caring cat we just fell in love with him. We brought him a kennel to sleep in outside in the garden then moved him into our home where he would sleep in a basket on the settee in our conservatory and everywhere else to be honest. He loved attention and would jump on you and push his head into your hand, lifting it up to indicate he wanted to be stroked. He'd stand on our chests where we would stroke his body backwards and forwards which he loved. I've never met a cat who loved food more than our squeaky...and he loved his treats. If Graham had a couple of beers He'd sit next to him stroking him when he was in his basket while having a little chat with him lol.
Sadly on the 26th October A family member let him in from being outside, he jumped on his basket where he would then want to be stroked which We would do everyday...after finishing stroking him And warming him up from the cold I always kissed him on the side of his head. I then noticed his back legs were paralysed and Squeaky slipped into a coma and passed away about 15 minutes later. We think he was about 7-8 years old. We are all heartbroken Squeaky as we loved you so much. We will miss you everyday. Night night kid xxx

Thanks to Rowan for being so lovely and caring...

Geraldine, Graham and family



I rescued Zeus when he was 6 months old from Animal Accident and Rescue centre in Burton Joyce back in August 2000. He was found wandering the streets. When I picked him up from his fosterers, he'd had 6 foster homes.
When I got him home he instantly took ownership of all the beds and sofas in the house. He suffered badly from separation anxiety and he destroyed 2 sofas less than half an hour in his first week, but with a lot of love and patience he got over it..
He was my best friend and my whole world so when he was diagnosed with bone cancer 2 years ago I was heartbroken. I was told he would last a couple of months but 2 years later he finally gave up. I had to make the heart wrenching choice to take him to the vets to end his suffering....
He died on the 7th of September 2016 and was cremated on the 8th.

Rowan's kind words and lovely personality really helped me and she treated Zeus with the utmost respect.I really cant thank her enough.



We lost are much love Ben, on the 15th august 16, just before his 14th birthday.

We are really pleased we came to memorial wood. Thanks to Rowans kind words and understanding, she helped us through those first few very sad days.

Thanks Rowan,
From Sue john and Kevin



I saw Scooby at the RSPCA Woodside , he had been left tied to the gate there. He looked so sad I just wanted to love him . This 6 month old lovely was so naughty and took a least two years to settle down but it was so worth it. Me and my husband Matt adored him , he filled our hearts with love and was always up for being cuddled.
He just made it to 16 years when his final day came and just like you all our hearts were broken. We were so worried about him being treated with respect in death that when we found Rowan and she was so lovely and understanding it took the worry away and helped us with our grief. She explained everything we needed to know and gave us the choice of how he was to be left. We picked up his ashes the next morning and everything was handled with grace and respect .
We have no hesitation in recommending memorial wood and thank you so much Rowan , you truly are an earth angel xxx



This is my beautiful boy Alfie, affectionately called Alfie Pie! This is one of my favourite pictures and although it was taken during his illness & he's looking a bit ragged, his eyes just speak volumes to me in this photo, and he's sitting on my knee, so it's a special photo to me.

I would like to say thankyou so much for your patience, care, understanding and for looking after my boy that night. I am glad we chose to make arrangements ourselves, it was my one last thing I could do for him.

My boy is so special to me, it's a struggle getting through the day without him wrapped round my legs or on my knee, I miss that, it's going to take me a long time to come to terms with. But he is home with me now, thankyou for getting him back to me quickly.

Dawn Caney



Ginge had an exceptionally hard start to his life but somehow managed to find sanctuary under a bush in our back garden.It was so obviously challenging for him to overcome his fear of people especially men but Ginge soon realised not all humans would cause him harm and gradually trusted us enough to let us share our warm and safe home with him for the next 10 years.
In his new environment Ginge soon turned into the most loving and well natured cat you could possibly imagine and his gorgeous face always looked up to you with an appreciative smile that made you just want to pick him up (which he loved) and hug him hard.Gone were the days when he would eagerly eat any old dry scraps of food he could get his paws on, Ginge had now developed a taste in fine dining regularly turning his nose up at previous favourite flavours demanding something new and fresh to please his palate before taking a nap on a soft luxurious quilt.
When a pet is such a wonderful and integral part of your life as Ginge was to us, it's devastating when the time comes to have to say goodbye.After a heart attack Ginge passed away peacefully at home in our arms and our search for somewhere that would give him the dignified cremation he so richly deserved led us to Memorial Wood and the amazing Rowan.

Thank you so much Rowan for making this final part of Ginge's journey as easy as possible for us to bare. Nothing was ever too much trouble for you and the wonderful kind service you provided gave us reassurance and comfort during our time of great sorrow, we know Ginge would have approved.

Donna, Dave and Lily



Snowy came into our lives in November 2003, she was an English Setter rescued from Ireland, blinded in one eye by another dog, therefore she was no use to the owner as a working gundog. She was incredibly timid when we got her and continued to suffer with separation anxiety throughout much of her life. We are so honoured to have owned such a gentle and loving companion who followed us everywhere. We've had some wonderful holidays with her in Wales, she loved to play in the sea and run along the beach chasing seagulls.
Unfortunately, just before Christmas 2014, Snowy was diagnosed with Cutaneous Lymphoma (an aggressive skin cancer), she coped with this incredibly well, but by the beginning of 2015 the cancer had reached her mouth. It was at this sad time that we had to make the heart wrenching decision to lay her to rest, Snowy went over the Rainbow Bridge on the 3rd February 2015 aged 13 years.
Rest in peace baby girl, you're forever in our hearts and you will never be forgotten, we will meet you in time at the Rainbow Bridge with open arms. Run free sweet girl.
Mummy, Daddy & Amos x x x

Please do not hesitate to contact Rowan if you have lost a beloved pet, she is the most compassionate and caring person you will ever meet, and you can trust her wholeheartedly to treat your pet with the dignity and respect that they deserve.
Thank you so much Rowan for sending Snowy on her final journey - you're an amazing lady.
Sarah and Duncan



On March 1st 2015 the family had to make one of the hardest decisions ever to have our beautiful loving boy Bramble put to the sleep in his own house. Bramble was thirteen years old and had been treated like he was a member of the family, hardly left alone and loved and cherished. Bramble was loyal, clever, and a true best friend and returned that affection to the family also making them feel secure and loved.
We will always remember you for that loving dog you were, jumping on the bed, racing to the car and hating to be left alone in the house. You touched all of our hearts and we could not let you suffer anymore and over the last year to see you age broke all our hearts. When we enter the house it is now silent and empty but we know you are there in spirit.
RIP our boy, no more pain or suffering until we cross Rainbow Bridge together

Vincent Moore / Sharon Moore & Finlay Moore
We did not realise it would be so quick, and made a hasty decision to have Bramble cremated and the vet took him away. Later in the day though questions entered my head what happens to him? how do I know it would be him returned. That night I needed to make sure he was looked after and came across memorial wood, being an individual pet cremation service with excellent testimonials. We did not want our boy going to a mass place with no guarantee and not treated correctly. I spoke to Rowan and she cared on the phone and made me feel more at ease. She called me when he had been collected from the vets and also to discuss plans for his cremation. I can honestly say this made the family feel so much better having an input to what happened to him in death. I think knowing that you have your little boy's ashes in your hands helps to comfort you in these hard times.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rowan, a fantastic service and thank you so so so much for looking after him as it meant the world to us.



This is my handsome little fella Mylo who sadly died on 5th March 2015.

I rescued Mylo from a life on the streets and he was eternally grateful. He spoiled me with cuddles and ate me out of house and home. After discovering Mylo had chronic inflammation of the bowel, we had many trips to the vets together. He was not always willing to attend but he always did it with a purr. The best natured cat I have ever had, it is simply not the same without you waking me up in the morning.

Mylo was very much loved and will be missed for ever. He was hit by a car in Woodhouse Eaves and killed, the driver did not stop. I would like to thank Rowan for taking such good care of him and supporting myself at this tragic and sad time.

The service has been brilliant and it has meant the world to me.Lots of Love to my boy, rest in peace little one.

From Alex, Leo and Simba



Rowan, a very big thank you for the professional way you helped my husband and myself with the loss of our much loved Labrador Zak on 26th March 2015. Allowing us to give him an individual cremation, which was very important to us. Your understanding gave us both comfort. Zak has been a very much loved member of our family, giving us many happy years together, he was almost 13. He went everywhere with us, having many happy holidays in Spain.
Allowing him a dignified cremation, and having his remains returned the next day in a beautiful box meant the world to us. While our hearts are broken your understanding helped, and we thank you for that. We would recommend Memorial Wood Pet Crematorium to any loving pet owner.



I cannot thank Rowan enough for the care she took of my beautiful girl Tiggi. She cared for her as if she was her own. Her kind, lovely words about Tiggi meant so much at such a traumatic time.
When we went to collect Tiggi's ashes, we talked about Tiggi with Rowan for about an hour! We laughed and we cried, it was like counselling! I will always be so grateful for the care she took of my baby girl. I cannot recommend Rowan enough.
We scattered Tiggi's ashes on her favourite beach last week. She's now free but I still miss her desperately.
Thank you Rowan.



Artic was a Huskita who was almost three years old when he passed away.
When he was about one and a half, we had a house fire caused by a faulty electric board inside our chest freezer which was in the room where Artic and our three other dogs slept. He huddled over them all and started howling to alert our son in the room above. If we had been in the house for another 15 minutes we would have all died. Artic saved our whole family. He is Our Hero.
As a result of the fire though, he got cancer in his ribs. This led to a lot of people learning of our story because we could not afford pet insurance, or much else really, we lost so much in the fire.
We needed to raise funds for treatment and started fundraising through Facebook, where he made many hundreds of friends all over the world. He lost his battle when the cancer spread and we had to make sure he had a fitting send off. After looking through many pages on the inter-web we came across Memorial Wood. After taking Artic and meeting the lovely lady there we were happy that our boy would have the best send off ever. We chose some beautiful containers for his ashes to go in and as for the service, well, let's just say it was almost like we had known each other for a long time and were good friends!
We have recommended them to all our family and friends and we will always come back here with the rest of our pets, god pray the isn't for a long time, but this is the best place you could go.

On behalf of Sarah, myself and the children, thank you so much for making it feel that little bit easier to cope at a time when it really means a lot.



Jess was one of the most inspiring dogs I have ever owned; she graced my life back in 2001 as an 8 week old bundle of joy. After a couple of years of training we were introduced to the world of Agility in which we built a relationship that I can honestly say I doubt I will ever experience again. I learnt so much from her which I'm sure will reflect on every other dog I will own in the future. We had 11 amazing years together until she was taken from me in June 2012 by cancer, she leaves a huge hole in my life which I know will never be filled, I am truly broken.



Mist came along in September 2012; she was such a calming and peaceful puppy who had very large paws to fill. Sadly at 12 weeks old she passed away due to being born with a heart defect, no measure of time would've been long enough for such a beautiful little girl.

Coping with all of the above would not have been possible without the service and support from Memorial Wood; I cannot express my gratitude for the compassion and professionalism received from Rowan. Every dog that passes through here could not find a more stunning way for their journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

With all this in mind, even though I lost two very special friends in 2012 I gained a new one.



Jack sadly passed away on 14th April 2015. He lived to work and aimed to please.
He was my first rescue dog and certainly won't be my last.
He was inspirational, loving, funny and always "as good as gold".
He loved his agility and was a real noisy character in the ring, he taught me it wasn't just about competing but it was just being together.
He sat on your knee at every opportunity and pinched your chair when you weren't looking.
He was loved and will be missed by so many. I take comfort in knowing he's running free now with the only lady he ever loved in his life "Jess"
I will miss you matey "my Jackie Boy" but I always know where to look to see you again and know you are with me everyday.

A huge and heartfelt thank you again to Rowan, I couldn't get through these sad times without you. It seemed so much easier this time knowing you are here. You offer such a wonderful service and compassion which is so hard to find and I know Jack's final moments were really special..."He's the Man".



I lost Zola at just 9 years old, she was still like a puppy to me & as such was always called "puppy". She had suffered from CDRM (hind limb paralysis), for the last 16 months of her life to which she spent her last 8 months on wheels. Zola took to them immediately, they gave her a new lease of life, and with her all terrain wheels we were able to do all our usual walks....we even did the beach!! Zola was at her happiest when she was being stroked by people, she loved everyone. But sadly on the 20.10.14, the time had come to do the kindest thing, the hardest thing, but above all the right thing. There was never going to be a right time for me, but it was the right time for Zola. She was telling me it was her time to go and she trusted me not to let her suffer. The decision was made and Zola was very gently and very peacefully put to sleep at home.
I was already aware of Memorial Wood and Rowan's reputation of being a wonderful kind caring person long before I needed to call up on her services, so when the time came to make "that" call, "that " call was to Rowan. I didn't hesitate.
Zola was collected from home. Rowan was compassionate, sensitive, kind and gentle. She showed great respect and treated Zola with dignity. She genuinely understood the heartfelt sadness at losing a much loved pet. It wasn't easy to let go of Zola but Rowan helped make a very hard day as easy as it could be. I took comfort in knowing that I was handing Zola over to the right person, albeit temporarily. Temporarily because Rowan ensured that Zola's ashes were ready for me the following morning so that Zola could back at home where she belongs. Zola's ashes are in a bluebell scatter tube which will remind me of all the happy times we spent together in the bluebell woods
Thank you Rowan, nothing was too much trouble for you and for that I am truly grateful.


Paddy and Willow


The dignity and graciousness with which you treat our companions is truly uplifting.

I would recommend you to everyone. A wonderful service.

Thank you.

Debbie Kings

Paddy and Willow


Just 18 months apart, both my beloved dogs were taken care of by Rowan.
I can't describe how safe and comforted you made me feel.

Thank you so much for everything. You are a very special lady, and you made a dreadful time so much easier to bear.



I moved to the Ruddington on the 27th of June with my two amazing Alsatians Jed and Elsie. Although Jed had been not well for a while he survived the move day, unfortunately on the 29th he took a turn for the worse and I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life.
Jed was an amazing dog he looked like a wolf and was the size of a bear, he brought joy to the home and was a huge character that could never be replaced. From chasing cats and desperately testing how strong safety glass was, to being a loving friend to my 5 year old, Jed is a dog that can never be replaced or forgotten.
I cannot thank Rowan enough for the kind support that she has given me she has made this whole experience easier. There aren't any words that describe the support you have given in a short space of time so all I can say is thank you for taking such good care of my Jed.




Arry came to us at 9 months old and we were his 3rd owner. We fell in love with him the moment we met him and he with us, his devotion was unfaltering and he was never far from our side, he was loving, loyal, well behaved and good natured, everything you could ever ask for in a dog, in the 11 brilliant years we had him he was never a minutes trouble even when he became ill with a tumour under his eye.
As we knew that the time to say goodbye was fast approaching, we decided that we wanted to put plans in place, to make sure that his passing would be as bearable as possible for us and Arry, in late June 2015, we researched pet crematoriums as we wanted to make sure that our boy was handled with respect and dignity he deserved.
We decided to visit Rowan at Memorial Wood to discuss what our options were, she was lovely, taking the time to explain everything to us, both my husband and I were very emotional, but when we left we knew that we trusted her totally to look after our beloved boy and that all our wishes would be respected.
On 17th July 2015, we had to make the heart breaking decision to put Arry to sleep as the tumour had got a lot bigger and though we don't think he was in any pain, we didn't want to wait until he was, we had notified Rowan that we would be bring Arry that day and when we arrived, she and Steve were waiting for us.
Thank you so much Rowan, for making what has been a terrible time more bearable, for the advice you have given us and the kindness you have shown us. We have 2 other 11 year old boxer dogs and when the time arrives to say goodbye we wouldn't consider entrusting our darling girls to anyone else.

We love you Arry-Bobble, sleep tight until we meet again xxxxxx



The last 4 years have not been easy, there have been times when we felt like giving up but never would.
We adopted Blossom from a boxer dog rescue 4 years ago when she was 7. When we first met her we thought that she was adorable and she fitted in with our other dog Arry really well, she was great with people and well behaved in the house, unfortunately she wasn't good with dogs she didn't know and sometimes walks but would be an ordeal, but we persevered with her and gradually it became a little easier, she was ok with dogs that she was slowly introduced to and we recently adopted another 11 year old boxer girl who she was very good with.
Blossom was very loving and would always come over for a cuddle and always wanted to sit with us.
On Monday 24th August, she seemed very constipated so we took her to the vet, who examined her and discovered a large growth between her uterus and bowel and said she wasn't constipated but couldn't urinate by herself because of the growth, the options were to have an emergency operation and possibly further treatment if the growth was found to be cancerous or to put Blossom to sleep, we asked the vet what she would do and she said that given Blossom's age and the fact that the growth seems to have grown fast that she felt it would be kinder to put her to sleep.
As you can imagine, it was a heartbreaking decision made worse by the fact that only 6 weeks before we had had to make the same decision about our beloved boy Arry who had a tumour under his eye.

We again called on Rowan at Memorial Wood, after the way she had taken care of our boy we wouldn't entrust our little lady to anyone else. We knew that Rowan would respect our wishes and take care of Blossom how we would have wanted, treating her with kindness and dignity.
Thank you Rowan for looking at Blossom for us, we appreciate how quickly we were able to bring her home.
Blossom we love you, now reunited with brother Arry, sleep tight both until we meet again..



The day we met Rowan for the first time was the day after Ask-it passed away to spirit.
Rowan is like an earth angel who is helping your pet on their final journey on this earth.
We knew she was the one for our baby girl and that our baby girl would have loved Rowan.
We would not let just anyone take care of Ask-it, but we knew that Rowan was someone very special..someone who would care for her & show her respect & maintain her dignity... We can not thank Rowan enough for being there in our hour of need.
In the office, there's board of many of the pets Rowan has cared for & Rowan can tell you everything about each and every pet & you can see the love she has for them all.
I do believe Rowan & Husband are truly earth angels.
Jo,Stu & Bess xxxx



We would like to say thank you for all your kindness and how gently you treated our wonderful friend - Scooby.
Your gentleness, your consideration and compassion shown to us and him was a great comfort.
Thank you again.
We adopted Scooby at 6 weeks old, we then had the pleasure and honour of looking after ( even when he was naughty but never nasty) for 15 years 3 months.
With heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to him on the 12th October 2015.
To Scooby we would like to say:-
We may not have you in our whole lives but the time you was with us you made our lives whole.
Julie & Shane



This is Foxy my gorgeous little Abysinnian who passed peacefully in her sleep on the 29th Oct aged 14 after a long battle with colitis. She was always a special little soul, having been born with slightly shortened tendons on one side of her neck which meant she cocked her head slighty to one side. She leaves behind a brother and my 2 other furbabes who are slowly coming to terms with her passing.

Meeting Rowan was an absolute delight, a true angel, who dealt with everything in a caring and compassionate way and we left knowing that my little princess would be treated with the love and respect she deserved. Thank you for making a difficult time more bearable.

Best Regards



My beautiful English Springer Spaniel, Tess, passed away peacefully at home on 2nd November 2015 aged approx 14 yrs. She had been my companion, my rock, my friend for 12 years.
I first saw her at College Garth Kennels in Hathern and knew she was the one for me - she never proved me wrong. She has been loving, loyal, crazy, annoying, a best friend to me and a 'sister' to our 6 year old daughter Olivia. Words cannot explain the hurt and loss that we feel as a family. We knew her time was coming but despite this we were never quite prepared for the reality.
As I write this 4 days after her passing I am still struggling and still expect to see her bounding into the kitchen for a treat, following me around the house, or settling down in my office for the day in front of the fire. In my heart I know we gave her the best life and that makes me feel so proud.
Rowan, at Memorial Wood, eased some of that pain with her understanding, caring nature, and sense of humour, such a wonderful lady who seems to adapt to everyone's circumstances and make them feel so much better. So thank you Rowan xxxx



"Losing our beloved Buffy was so very distressing and painful but the process of cremation was made so much easier with the help and support of Rowan at Memorial Wood. The service they provided was professional, efficient and caring. We got the ashes back within a day, beautifully and thoughtfully presented.
Thank you so much Rowan and Memorial Wood."

Thank you once again.
Darren and Amelia