Testimonials & In Memory

Pet owners that have used the crematorium kindly send me cards, and wonderfully, photos of their passed pet. These are displayed on the photo board in the reception office and people love to see them. I thought how nice it would be if we could share the memories of passed pets on a page on the website.

If you would like to send in a testimonial and a photo of your pet by email, I would love to receive it and will upload it to the site.
Please send it to memorialwoodpetcrematorium@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you



Ben, a border collie, was my mum's dog. She got him in July 2006 from the Border Collie Trust. Before that he had been passed from pillar to post, as nobody understood his ways. It would wrong to say that Ben was "as good as gold" but it would be right to say that he was a very good dog indeed. He was very affectionate, was extremely clean in the house and behaved beautifully with other animals and children. He was a true collie, he loved splashing in water, collecting tennis balls and herding us in and out of the house. Above all, he loved my mum and she loved him. She always said that she slept soundly at night knowing that he was around.
Before Mum got Ben, the agreement I had with her was that I would be responsible for walking him. So I used to go round twice a day to take him for a walk. We used to do a 2.5 mile circuit, whatever the weather, so all in all I spent a lot of time with him. He was a handsome dog and on several occasions I was stopped by people wanting to take his photo!
Mum discovered in April 2015 that she had cancer and in the July following Ben developed diabetes, which we controlled by giving him twice daily injections of insulin. Ben lost weight and stopped wanting to go for walks. Mum passed away on 26th September 2015, it was heartbreaking (and still is) but we vowed that we would take good care of Ben, after all he was a lovely dog and was one of the remaining links to Mum. Sadly Ben passed away suddenly on 8th January 2016. It is clear that he missed Mum. We decided that we would have him cremated so that his ashes could be placed at Mum's grave, bringing the two of them together again.
Rowan was very kind and understanding in her dealings with us and I am grateful to her for that. What a difference a year can make.




This is Jasper, our much loved handsome staffy, my children's guardian and childhood friend. We lost Jasper on November 13th after being diagnosed with lung cancer back in May. He battled so well and was strong and courageous to the end. After all the years of unconditional love from our boy it was only fitting that we see him off to rainbow bridge with much love and the dignity he so deserved!

Rowan what can we say but an enormous thank you for your overwhelming kindness. You are amazing at what you do and such a wonderful person. You made what was such a heartbreaking time for us just that little bit easier.

As for us now, well the house is very quiet and we miss the old boy so much but we have many happy memories and our darling boy will always be in our hearts and never ever be forgotten. See you again someday boy......... we love you.
Rachel, Craig and Family



Our beautiful precious deaf baby Dollie crossed over to rainbow bridge on 21st January 2016. The most sincere, loving, affectionate bundle of happiness. No longer will I have my little shadow following me around 🐾💔 she fought so hard... Strong and courageous and still wagging her tail to the end. Not a day will go by without thinking of you. Forever in our hearts baby girl... Now time to go play with your mate Jasper until we meet again xx

Rowan you are such a caring compassionate lady, once again you helped make a heartbreaking time much more bearable knowing our precious baby girl was safe in your hands. You truly provide a wonderful service. Our heartfelt thanks!
Rachel, Craig and family x



Percy occupied and still does occupy, a huge part of our hearts. He passed away very unexpectedly at only 18 months old on the 15th February 2016. It seemed so unfair to us that our little boy was taken away from us so soon. I wrote the following poem at the time of struggling to come to terms with what had happened:

Percy Puppy
A smudgy nose mark on the window pane,
Your squeaky toys upon the floor,
The comfy sofa where you used to lie,
But you are there no more.

Our feet walk down a hall of carpet,
And muted echoes sound,
Of course I will always remember,
It's where your paws would joyously bound.

A bark is heard amongst the trees,
And up beyond the hill,
Then I remember it can't be yours,
Your beautiful voice is still.

But I'll take that vacant spot of couch,
And empty muted hall,
And lay them with the absent voice,
And unused dish next to the wall.

But I'll take that vacant spot of couch,
And empty muted hall,
And lay them with the absent voice,
And unused dish next to the wall.

I'll wrap these treasured memories in a blanket of my love,
And keep them for my best friend Percy until we meet above.

Thank you Rowan for caring for us and our boy at such a heartbreaking time. You made a difference when we thought nothing could.



The care and contact we had with Rowan from that first phone call to collecting Jays ashes was comforting and sympathetic.
I never imagined we would be laughing at this time, sharing tales of our beloved pets. At such a sad time, the service you offered made it all the more bearable.
Jay was handled with tender care at the farm where we said our last goodbyes and we felt at ease leaving Jay with you.
Thank you.
The Woods-Flacks.



This is my beautiful baby, Jasmine (and yes she is at the beach). I had
to say goodbye to her for the last time on 9th February 2016. She was 13
years old.
I was extremely lucky to have had the pleasure of spending 10 wonderful
years sharing my life with her. She meant the world to me, the love of
my life. She was my best friend, the most loyal and loving companion
anyone could ever want. She was a beautiful, extraordinary one off. We
enjoyed many holidays and adventures together, I think the beaches of
North Yorkshire were her favourite. She certainly got people talking
wherever we went, she was such a character.
In November 2013 I was given the devastating news she had lymphoma, she
bravely endured many months of chemotherapy, she seemed determined that
it would not beat her. At the end it was renal failure and not cancer
that her tired little body could not fight, she had tried so hard to
stay with me, she was truly remarkable and I am thankful every single
day we had together.Jasmine has left a massive void in my life, I miss her more than words
can say. I hope she knows how much I love her. She will always be in my
Rowan, thank you for your help and understanding at an extremely
difficult time, it is much appreciated and I am grateful to you for
looking after my precious Jasmine until I could bring her home again.



Goodbyes aren't forever
Goodbyes are not the end
It simply means
I'll miss you
Until we meet again

RIP Merlin........ ❤️❤️



Thank you so much Rowan for your kind treatment of my boy Walter when he came to you this week, I appreciate all the little finishing touches you made when we collected him and made a sad situation comforting.

We sadly said goodbye to WaIter on the 12th May 2014. I rehomed Walter as an elderly dog from a kennels as he'd been a stray. He instantly settled in and made our home his home and became closely bonded with our other dog Arthur. He was always so gentle and sweet natured. All he ever wanted was a comfy bed and a loving and reassuring cuddle. His ashes are scattered in the garden so he can still be with us and Arthur in his forever home. Despite being such a quiet boy and spending most of his time sleeping, he was a huge part of our lives and we miss him terribly. I hope now he is running free. I love and miss you my old friend.
Jane & Arthur x



Once again Rowan, thank you so much for your caring and sympathetic handling of Arthur. You made a very difficult time for me easier.
My special boy left us on 23rd April 2016. An amazingly loving and happy dog who made friends wherever he went. Originally from a rehoming centre he went on to achieve gold level Good Citizen Dog Scheme at dog training, become a trick dog, take part in lots of shows and events and become a Pets As Therapy visiting dog. I was so very proud of him and he never put a paw out of place. He was my shadow, my best friend, my comfort. There's a big space where he should be and I miss him more than I can describe. He left me so suddenly but with no suffering and for that I'll always be grateful.
Rest easy lad until I see you again.



This is our Daisy who we had from an 8 week old adorable puppy, she was 11 years old when she was sadly taken from us with cancer.

Daisy you brought us so much fun and joy, you were definitely a one off and such a character.

We miss you everyday and the house isn't the same without you in it. You were such a beautiful little girl.

We think of you everyday and will miss our trips to the seaside.

RIP my baby until we meet again xxxxx



Archie was our lovely Scotty dog who lived to be 13.5 years. He battled cancer for the last 6 months and as always was a diehard to the end. He was loyal, protective and had his own way of doing things! and how we loved him for it. He had climbed most of the mountains in the Lake District and we often had walkers comment 'how did a Scotty get up here?' the usual reply was 'on his own four paws'. He loved jumping in the car ready for the next adventure. We miss him so much and the house feels so empty, it is a struggle without him. It was a hard decision but one we knew we had to make when we decided Archie wasn't enjoying life anymore. The vets at Ruddington were brilliant and Rowan was just lovely. When she commented 'what a chunky boy he was' I absolutely knew that Archie had received individual attention from Rowan and that meant so much so us and softened the blow just enough to help us cope with the loss. What a wonderful service; no hesitation at all to recommend Rowan to all pet lovers.

In memory of Archie 2012- 2016, our lovely Scotty who will always be loved and remembered

Dawne,Steve and Joe



This is my beautiful gentle giant Hardy, an American bulldog who was 12 years old when he sadly lost his battle to cancer on 6th May 2016. He was such a handsome boy with a huge heart and an amazing character. He was always by my side and brightened every day of my life, he was my everything. Saying goodbye to my boy was the most difficult time of my life, I am totally lost without him. I am very blessed to have had him in my life and will always treasure the wonderful memories he left behind.

At such an awful time Rowan was simply wonderful, she treated my boy with great respect, I was comforted to know that she was the one who took care of him at the very end. Thank you Rowan for everything you truly are a lovely lady.



This is Shady, our beautiful Staffie who we sadly had to have put to sleep at the grand old age of 14years 8 months on
Friday May 13th 2016.

She was My/Our Life, always so gentle and kind, so loving and faithful. She was My Shadow and everywhere I went then Shady went too. She has left a huge hole in our Life's now and the House just isn't the same no more.

God Bless you Shady babes, We Love and Miss you deeply R.I.P Sweetheart - Love's ya always and forever xxxxxx

Jayne has written a beautiful poem for Shady. It is on the Poems and Prayers page.



We found each other when I was living in Gibraltar, he was abandoned and about a year old. I had been abandoned too and anything I gave him he gave me back 10 fold. Floyd was terrified when I first brought him home as he had been living on the street behind a takeaway where he developed a taste for spaghetti and chilli! After a week he finally came out of the bathroom to check out my pad. Eventually we moved back to UK and that was quite an adventure, he wasn't a fan of flying.
We've been inseparable for nearly 12 years until August 25th when I had to end my journey with him. I am devastated. Floyd was unique and although he tolerated my husband and twins when they came along he always acted like he was in charge and I guess he was to a degree.
I love you always my faithful beautiful companion.
Thank you Rowan for your sensitivity.We are all still very shocked at how quickly this has all happened but you eased the pain a little.




This is Toby, my little cross breed dog who died on the 20th December 2012. He was 16 years old.

I gave him to my son for his 9th birthday. Toby was 2 years old then, and we would be his third home! He was the dearest, happiest most well adjusted little family dog you could ever wish for. He was there with the children all growing up together.

We miss him so much. Some days I turn around and think I see him out of the corner of my eye, lying in the kitchen or by the door. When the family come home to visit they cannot believe he is no longer here.

We try to be positive, he had a very long and very happy life. He lived to a great age in good health and was loved by everyone.
Most of all he was GOOD AS GOLD !